State Shifts Schools to Online Only Classes

Alyvia Adams, Editor

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson announced on March 12th that Jacksonville North Pulaski School District, along with several others, would be closed until March 30th due to the spread of COVID-19.

A recent case of the virus that made its way into the United States was found in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. To prevent further spread and for the safety of the students and staff, schools were closed and instructed to use their AMI days until the end of March. Emails and Facebook posts with further information have been sent out to scholars and parents, it is encouraged you keep up to date with information.

“I am worried for scholars with no internet and no way to connect with their teachers,” says student Alyvia Adams.

Emails have since been sent out with information on how scholars can gain access to free internet. Scholars are to, until further notice, stay home and complete their online assignments to replace school work.