Please Let Scholars Use Our Phones in Class!


Scholars like to watch Tik Tok videos on their phones in their spare time.

Hannah Butler, Staff Writer

Some schools say students should only use their phones during the morning, at lunch, or after school because they think that kids should focus more on their school work and grades. I think kids should be able to have their phones in school when they are finished with their work. It shouldn’t make a difference as long as we aren’t bothering anyone or having music playing out loud.

My opinion is we should not get our phones taken if we are on them and if we do get our phones taken it should only be for the rest of the class period. That would be fair and would not require our parents to come to the school to get them. Sometimes parents get off work late and aren’t able to come get it. Returning the phone at the end of class also would spare teachers the stress and responsibility of having to keep up with the phone.