• April 72020 basketball finals cancelled. Both teams crowned champions!
  • April 6JNPSD and all Arkansas school districts will finish the 2019-2020 year with online only classes.
Julien Mrad
Julien Mrad, exchange student from Lebanon, is 17 years old and a senior in Jacksonville High School. He is proud to be on staff in the JHS thunderbolt news. He is a young boy who had the opportunity to get a scholarship to the United States. He visited multiple states, saw new people, new beliefs, new perspectives. He's an enthusiastic person who likes to learn new stuff. He works to get amazing grades. He learned how to play the violin and piano and plays the trombone for the high school band. He is an athletic person. He played volleyball in New York and is looking forward to playing soccer and running track for the Titans. He speaks three languages: Arabic, French, and English. He's taking Spanish in the US.

Julien Mrad, Staff writer

Jan 22, 2020
Band Scholars Warm Up for Concert Assessments (Story)
Julien Mrad